Insula Viridis


We are a small number of people, akin to the "Disciples at Sais", who feel the need to share a couple of spiritual intuitions regarding our contemporary world ; a few whose inner roads and trials of various initiation paths may address those who are in search of living spirituality. While coming from different horizons, they nonetheless all have in common the same orientation to the Spirit, wherefrom they are awaiting efficient help – and they share the same spiritual references, borrowed from Occidental traditions, such as Christian esoterism, the Kabala, and Sufism.


INSULA VIRIDIS would seek to be the place where researchers and discoverers meet, at least once a year, to pool their experiences and examine together the progress of their researches. It would also be a meeting forum space between the Occident and the Orient, mainly with respect to spirituality, but equally to culture and religions.


INSULA VIRIDIS would seek to be the focal site of a living community, which each person joins freely and independently of his or her religious adherence or worldly commitments. It can, by no means, be a secret society nor even a circle of initiates. Rather does it bear a resemblance with the "Eranos" sessions, animated by the specialist of spiritual Iran, Henry Corbin. For over fifty years, those encounters offered invaluable time for researchers to be and talk together.


Its very name, INSULA VIRIDIS, evokes the foundation in the 14th Century of a place of refuge for simple laymen in quest of spirituality: Rulman Merswin's Green Island in Strasbourg – and, above all, the figure of the Friend of God from the Oberland, who inspired that community.


Besides the Friend of God from the Oberland, its tutelary genius is the German romantic poet NOVALIS, whom Rudolf Steiner in his time considered that he could conduct us "as a guide and a leading star". Many other thinkers nowadays are convinced that his star is rising again on the horizon of our Western world to guide us on the "mysterious path that leads within" and help us raise to his level.


Novalis, who ended his earthly manifestation over two hundred years ago; continues to awaken vocations to a spiritual life, especially among younger generations – thus, discussions should devote considerable attention to his life and his works. However, in this forum space open to varied spiritual experimentations, faithfulness to the figure of the German romantic poet, who has become a master to some of us, shall not occult other Western sources of inspiration waiting to be vivified, to green anew. Such is, indeed, the core intent presiding over the present foundation project.

Insula viridis

János Darvas and Jean Moncelon